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With 7 tennis courts around Malta, and 10 highly qualified Tennis coaches to choose from, you can train in court close to your home, either book a private lesson or contact us to find you a group that suits your level and time schedule. 

Ivana was born on August 23, 1992 in Brno, Czech Republic. A sports fanatic at a very young age, Ivana chose Tennis over other sports at the age of 11. Ranked as second best girl player in Brno, Ivana won: the Winter Cup in 2004; winner doubles Tennis Europe U16 in Prague, 3 times South Moravian Champion in both singles and doubles, semi-finalist ITF Pro-circuit 10K in Croatia, and a semi-finalist of the prestigious National Czech Championship playing against some of the best players in the World.

In 2012, Ivana was offered a Tennis scholarship from Kansas State University, having completed one year, Ivana returned to the Czech republic, and later to Malta, to pursue a career in Coaching. In 2016, Ivana established Tennisline Academy Malta, and in 2018 IK Tennis Academy. Ivana’s players have been throughout the years consistently high achievers in National Junior Championships and beyond. To mention but a few: Francesca Curmi, Maja Glumac, Strahinja Djukic, Emma Mifsud, Cosmo de Trafford, Alex Zammit, and Sophia Arpa.

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