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Kids Tennis Training

Winter – 11 Weeks Term from 08.01.2024 – 24.03.2024

The Kids programme is aimed for kids age 3 and over, it is the start of their Tennis journey. We have 3 levels of kids training which start at the Red level (3/7 years) through the Orange level (7 /8 years) ending at the Green Level (9/11 years). 

Red Level

Red level is aimed for kids from the age of 3 till the age of 7. In this level coaches focus on basic skills such as movement, co-ordination (especially hand-eye coordination) and a simple introduction to the game. Kids practice in small groups on a mini Tennis court with small nets. Lessons are done in a fun way with lots of games and exercises to keep their concentration throughout the whole lesson.

Orange Level

Orange level is normally for kids aged 7+. In this level kids play tennis on a ¾ court with orange balls. The use of orange balls ensures that kids will have longer rallies while keeping their technique on the bigger court since balls are slower and bounce much less than normal balls. In this level kids are exposed to competitions and coaches focus on improving their technique.

Green Level

Green level is the final level of the Kids Tennis Training Programme. This level is aimed for kids aged 9 years and upwards. Kids play on a full court with green dot balls (25% slower than hard balls). In this level, coaches focus a lot on technique as well as on tactical aspects of the game. Kids at green level should be able to keep a good rally going and play to specific directions. They also get a lot of game situation practice.



Training Sessions
  • 1 Hour Session - From €40


2-Player Training Sessions
  • 1 Hour Session - From €25


3-4 Players Training Sessions
  • 1 Hour Session - €16

For Non-Members, the above prices are excluding court rental

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Winter Term From 08.01 to 24.03.2024

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