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Just like the Kids Tennis program, our Pro Juniors program is aimed at players under the age of 16. Access to this program is based on ability and commitment. An advanced level of athleticism and coordination, as well as a higher time commitment to the weekly training schedule. At this stage we also introduce fitness sessions as part of the training.

We have three Pro Juniors levels which start at the Orange level (7/8years) through the Green level (9/11 years) ending at the Hard Balls (older than 11 years). This program is especially designed by Pro Juniors Head Coach Ivana Kubickova for children who would like to progress faster following the competition pathway.

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Training Sessions
  • 1 Hour Session - Starting From €40


2-Player Training Sessions
  • 1 Hour Session - Starting From €25


3-5 Players Training Sessions
  • 1 Hour Session - Starting From €16

For Non-Members, the above prices are excluding court rental

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